These are most of the projects I've done since I started programming, some of them are personal projects, freelance, work, practice or for other situation. If you want to see absolutely all my projects go to my

HuaXuan Art Gallery

Portfolio and web store for an artist.

javascript - react - nextjs - tailwindcss - vercel - mongodb

Personal Portfolio Website

Personal web portfolio using Typescript.

typescript - nextjs - tailwindcss - vercel

Scribble Me This game

Machine learning enabled multiplayer drawing game.

javascript - react - - ML5

The Lazy Redditor - Chrome Extension

Machine learning enabled motion base Reddit accessability plugin.

javascript - node.js - react-webcam - google handpose model

Pokemon Trading Card Game Store

Fully functional Pokemon TCG store with shopping cart and checkout.

javascript - react - redux - postgresql - node.js - express - stripe - heroku

Water Tracker App

Mobile-ready responsive water tracking app.

javascript - react-native - redux - postgresql - node.js