Choosing a logo and brand identity should be a point of pride and a compass for your organization.
Here are some of the logos and brand identities I've created for my clients.

Silicon Forensics Branded Products

Silicon Forensics

Lightning-fast Solutions

Silicon Forensics supports the computer forensics industry with efficient and powerful tools for investigators.
Their SiForce Line of products serves as the flagship brand for the company, denoting their commitment to no-nonsense quality.

SiForce Vision

Power and Speed at a Glance

SiForce's branding mission was to balance brand recognition with an adaptable and simple design.


The SiForce Lighting Logo must have good symmetry and visibility at different angles and sizes.
It should be recognizable at a glance and able to be used in different contexts and in combination with the text logo.


The SiForce Lighting Logo's success has allowed the company to expand its use in other products.
Fitting and iconic, the logo has established itself in the digital forensics industry.

Silicon Forensics Branded Chair
Silicon Forensics SiForce Logo
Silicon Forensics Siforce Text Logo